Digital Flagship Handbook

Client: Digital Flagship, The Ohio State University
Style: Semi-casual

Emerging from a partnership between The Ohio State University and Apple, Digital Flagship is a tech initiative like no other. In the months leading up to the Autumn 2018 semester, roughly 10,000 incoming Ohio State freshmen will receive iPad Pros. The Digital Flagship handbook, then, is one of the first pieces of official university communication they encounter.

Figuring out the 'voice' of this text was challenging. On the one hand, the handbook's prose needed to come across as professional and credible. It is, after all, a university document. On the other, we desperately wanted students to actually read the handbook, so the prose also needed to come across as relatable and engaging.

My responsibilities included writing and revising material on topics like: collaborating digitally with classmates, using audiovisual equipment for class projects, and using cloud storage to secure their files. Because many of our chapters deal with external products/services, the revision process included integrating stakeholder feedback and tailoring content to different style guides.


File Storage: Where should I store my stuff?

Consider this hypothetical scenario

It's the night before your first English paper is due. Let's be honest--it's been a real pain to work on, but you've finally managed to hit your stride and make progress on your essay. Maybe you're even starting to get into it. You're getting ready to go to bed when your computer crashes. Ugh! All that work--gone! You were really hoping to catch up on Criminal Minds before heading to class tomorrow, but now it looks like you're going to have to stay up to rewrite.

Losing your files isn't a life or death situation, sure, but it is frustrating. Luckily, you have access to plenty of tools that can help you avoid this situation entirely. There's a good chance you've already figured out a basic file storage process that uses both local and cloud file storage. In case you haven't, though, we're going to start with the fundamentals. 

Local file storage is what you're using whenever you save a file to a folder on your computer. Mobile devices have local file storage as well, although mobile file systems can be a bit tough to navigate if you're used to the file systems found on desktop and laptop computers.