Client: The Graduate Association for Mental Health Action and Advocacy (GAMHAA), The Ohio State University
Style: Professional newsletter (biannual)

As layout editor for The GAMHAA Ray, I developed an editorial/design practice that united Ohio State's branding and style guidelines with the financial and material constraints facing a student organization. In order to create the layout for the publication, I had to make editorial recommendations to each text's author--all the while striving to maintain a consistent style throughout the newsletter.

Although we were not required to utilize Ohio State's branding guidelines, I decided that our project of creating a polished professional document would be best served by harnessing the design principles that graduate students already encountered in other areas of the university. My hope was that the use of these design guidelines would make our university affiliation legible to the students we wanted to reach. 

In the second issue of The GAMHAA Ray I took on additional duties, using The Guardian's quantitative data to create an infographic display on graduate student mental health. I could have used pre-made assets, but I decided to create all of the infographic's icons from scratch in Adobe Illustrator.

Selected pages from The GAMHAA Ray, Issue 2 can be viewed in the slideshow below: